Photographing in Mid-day Light with Tiffen 47B Deep Blue Filter

We all knows that it is best to avoid shooting in the mid-day light.  As the light is harsh and contrast is very high, shadows appear very dark and highlights are always wash out.

When I reached Santubong beach, it was nearly noontime. The sun was at its highest point, shining its harshest light on the beach.  I knew that if I shot normal color photos at this time of the day, the images would looked very flat and terribly unattractive.  It would be very difficult to capture images of an acceptable quality.

The waves were coming in. The shallow yellowish sea water was covering the roots of the mangrove trees with green leaves.

So I took out my full spectrum converted Olympus E-PL5 camera and mounted the Tiffen #47B deep blue filter to my M.zuiko 9-18mm lens.  I switched on my camera.  Wow, from the camera’s live view, I saw a completely different scenery in front of me!  A wonderful world of yellow foliage, blue sky, white clouds and dark sea!

The Tiffen #47B deep blue filter blocked the lower portion of the visible light spectrum and allowed the upper portion of visible spectrum and the invisible infrared portion of the light from entering my full spectrum converted camera.  This revealed a new world of images that I could not see with my naked eyes, a world filled with wonders and excitements.

Below: Images captured with Olympus E-PL5 full spectrum converted camera. Tiffen #47B deep blue filter mounted to the M.Zuiko 9-18 lens. Custom white balance based on the blue sky with some white clouds. All images were captured hand-held without tripod.

Infrared faux color Santubong. Captured with Tiffen #47 blue filter on a full spectrum converted camera.

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